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Kira Coley

Kira Coley

Journalist, Writer, Scientist, Lecturer, Explorer

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Hello, everyone!

I've always wanted to be a scientist and explorer. I feel thankful to have worked in many locations as a researcher including Sicily, Madagascar, Scotland as well as for charities, NGOs and marine technology specialists all over the UK. I'm at my happiest roaming outside exploring nature, especially at sea (or my local coffee shop).

Through a series of happy accidents, my career evolved naturally into science communication. I'm thrilled to have the opportunities to share the wonders of science with the world! 

Communication is a skill vital for the survival of science and to help drive both advancements within the field and positive changes in our communities. As such, I also aim to help inspire and teach scientists how to communicate their awesome research by using simple tools and tips which I happily share on my social media pages (don't forget to check them out!)